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FLYERS (Courier Bags)

courier bags

Courier bags have become the most common way for the dispatch or delivery of items.

They are used to keep the product safe and intact while transportation, being highly durable and most important cost effective.

The courier bags are co-extruded through machinery of the latest German technology (Alpine and Kuehne and converted in high tech Lemo machines.

courier bags with different colors

Courier bags with different colours

Produced with 3-Coex technology, achieving not only the highest mechanical strength but also having different colours on the inside and the outside of the film. Most common white on the outside and black on the inside to achieve opacity and security of the documents enclosed

Courier bags with different tapes

Courier bags with permanent self-adhesive strip

With permanent self-adhesive strip, to ensure that the bag cannot be opened.

Courier bags with a re-sealable self-adhesive strip

With a re-sealable self-adhesive strip, so that the bag can be opened and closed many times.

courier bag with security sealing tape

With a security sealing tape, which leaves signs on the tape in case of disruption, providing extra security to the final recipient.

courier bag with a handle on the top

With a handle on the top and a tape on the bottom to carry it easily.

courier bag Double heated

Double heated enhanced welding for extra safety.

Courier bags with a document pocket

Courier bags with a document pocket on the outside for the delivery documents.

Courier bag with a double sealing tape

Courier bags with a double sealing tape and a micro perforation among the two tapes, especially used for the delivery of clothes, so that the recipient can use the same envelope to return the product back to the store by using the second tape.

Courier bags with numbering & unique barcode

Courier bags with a unique barcode, in order to be easily scanned especially for big courier companies or ost offices.

Courier bag with numbering
Courier bag with unique barcode

Courier Bags

Either with simple or with complex printing artworks, the courier bags are always printed in a central drum printing machine with maximum 7+7 colours per side and up to 48 lcm analysis with high definition printing cliché to promote your product in the most effective way.

courier bags with complex printing artworks
courier bags with complex printing artworks


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