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FFS Flat-Film Heavy Duty Sacks

FFS Flat-Film Heavy Duty Sacks

The product is designed for the operation in automatic FFS (form, fill and seal lines). The film is multi-layer,to combine different colours per layer, to efficiently protect the packaged product of the solar radiation, and to ensure the use of different types of PE per layer, in order to achieve the required characteristics of the sack.

Among the particular characteristics of the sack are included:

  • The exist of two anti-slip paths with plastically formed peaks, per sack side, which ensure easy and safe palletizing process.
  • High mechanical properties, for the operation under hard conditions.
  • Excellent thickness profile.
  • Excellent gloss to promote the decoration prints.
  • Excellent post sealing at the customer’s installations.
    The film can is supplied with high quality decoration prints,to efficiently promote the packaged product.



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