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Social Responsibility

The commitment of ACHAIKA PLASTICS SA on social responsibility begins with the foundation of the company. The Humanity and Morality are an integral part of the primary values of the company and applied faithfully since its inception until today. The sense of responsibility towards people and particularly vulnerable groups is done with the active support of organizations dedicated to the protection of human rights, the support of economically and socially disadvantaged and the provision of social and cultural work. It is our belief, that corporate development should be accompanied by social work and contribution where it is necessary, thereby improving the conditions of life of our fellow human beings, on a domestic and international level..

Environmental Responsibility

An important part of our corporate culture and priority of ACHAIKA PLASTICS SA is the respect for the environment, the ecosystem and its resources. This philosophy becomes practice daily and is certified by ISO14001: 2004. The corporate program includes intensive recycling of materials normally used in the production process. The actions of ACHAIKA PLASTICS SA for both the environment and the social contribution are recorded in public in the international organization SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), the world's largest corporate responsibility initiative that supports the coordination of all business activities and operations in accordance with the Global Compact principles on human rights, working conditions, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.

Ethics Code


The Code of Professional ethics is our compass for daily action and operation, leads our steps based on our principles and values, determines acceptable and unacceptable behaviors among us and above all ensures the Long-term health and progress of our Organization.



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