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ACHAIKA PLASTICS S.A., experienced in the field of flexible packaging, with two production plants at Komotini and at Aigio, adhering to ISO procedures, with ISO 9001/2015 certificates, is the first plastics manufacturer to be certified with the environmental ISO EN 14001. It meets the requirements of the biggest companies in over 16 countries, absolutely consistent in quality and delivery time. The industrial plant at Aigio has been characterized as pilot by the research department of the University of Patras, which they cooperate with, for manufacturing new products, in cooperation with other European Research Centers as well.


The societe anonyme ACHAIKA PLASTICS S.A. was established in 1984, and resulted from the merger of the companies:

  • Thanasoulia Bros G.P. year of establishment 1960.
  • I. Thanasoulia & Sons L.P., year of establishment 1956.
  • Import - Manufacturing I. Thanasoulias G.P., year of establishment 1965.

The company falls into the field of industrial goods of flexible plastic packaging and resides in Aigio.


Today it possesses three production plants and human capital of 110 persons. The first plant is at Aigio, where the company resides, and the second plant is located at the Industrial Area (ΒΙ.ΠΕ.) of Komotini. Both plants use the same technology and have the same production process and scope of work. The company Business Management is established at the Branch of Athens.


The company uses Polyethylene LDPE and HDPE as raw material, to produce the wider range of flexible plastics for Greece.

Heat-shrinkable film for automatic packaging, industrial bags, mainly for the fertilizer industry, plastic bags of all types for commercial or advertising use, drawstring rubbish bags, agricultural polyethylene films and palletizing films.


4, Fteris str., Aigio P.C. 25 100
Tel: +30 26910 28287
Fax: +30 26910 29500
E-mail: info@achaika.gr


31, Orestou str., Athens P.C. 118 53
Tel: +30 210 3457879
Fax: +30 210 3473348
E-mail: athens@achaika.gr


Komotini Industrial Area:
Tel: +30 25310 38698
Fax: +30 25310 98288
E-mail: komotini@achaika.gr

Komotini Industrial Area ELVIPLΑS SA:
Tel: +30 25310 38710
Fax: +30 25310 98288
E-mail: elviplas@achaika.gr

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